Hey friends! We are Josh and Ashley Morgan, best friends who decided to spend all our days together as husband and wife. Our wedding day was one of the best days of our lives! Imagine, all of your favorite people for a whole day there to celebrate you and only you. Witnessing two stories, two families, and two hearts on a journey linking arms for the rest of time. I think its safe to say its magic.

One of the most treasured aspects about that day was the magic was caught through film and photography. After four years of marriage, the photos still reveal our love and commitment for one another. 

We are passionate about capturing your story in a thoughtful and artistic way. One way we do that is by connecting with you. We want to feel the fullness of your journey in working with you and your experience with us to be easy, and fun! We think we may even blow your minds with how amazing you can look! 

It would be an honor to be the ones who capture some of the best moments of your lives!  

- J&A 


It is a profound honor as a photographer to witness two people falling in love.

     Capturing the Glory

Creating dynamic and engaging images only is half of the glory, the other half is revealing the glory of the subject captured. This moving beauty may not be easily realized in a moment, but a photograph can reveal later what is not seen then. Photography then is an art, creative outlet, and tool that is used to allow the viewer to have a revelatory moment of the glory.