Thank you for the support since Josh Morgan Creative started and thanks for viewing our work. There have been nearly 900 views in just days!

// Wait, “our”, isn’t this Josh Morgan Creative? // 

     I say “our” very intentionally, I would not be in the position I am in, starting a new job, business, profession, etc., without the support of my wife. 
     Which, for all those counting down the days until our second year wedding anniversary, it is on Monday... If only for anniversaries we could receive as many gifts, gift cards, and cash as we did September 1, 2012… 
Ashley is wonderful enough to trust God in general, but she trusts that He is leading me, or better that I am following Him. For that reason she trusts my leading, which is wonderful, and she is a strong woman for doing so. In addition to being strong, she has talent behind the camera, and experience in the modeling world. 

The Los Angeles summer is soon to come to an end and our return to Waco is highly anticipated. 

/ A tale of The Los Angeles Summer (blog post) coming soon / 

I want to clarify what is happening with us in the next year, especially to those of you who get updates via Facebook. I started Stone Mountain Creative as the platform for my photography and film work, maybe you “liked” the page.. 
     As I have been learning about photography and the business of photography it is important to know that you as the photographer are the brand, the business, especially starting out. Similar to the way a stylist works at a salon, I go to my stylist because she is who she is as a professional, not because her employment at a specific salon. While the salon as a company may help her gain some business, it is who she is and her “product” that ultimately causes me to be consistent client. 
     The same for a photographer, a company name may help you gain clients, but most want to work with a specific photographer because of who they are and the quality of their work. In order to build business at the beginning people need to know that I am available as a professional photographer. If I am hidden under a business name that does not reflect me as the brand then clients may not choose me. 
     Stone Mountain Creative is definitely going to happen in the future and will be the creative platform for various types of art, design, music, acting, photography, film, and other creative outlets. But what has to happen first is for me to properly brand myself and build a portfolio. 
     So, let’s press pause on Stone Mountain Creative, but don’t forget about it, Stone Mountain will return one day! 

/ What would be ideal is if you could mix the company aspect and personal branding… /

Well, Ashley and I have the perfect opportunity to work for a great company AND build our brand! 
     We will be joining Vember Photo, which is graciously manhandled by CJ and Bri Hudgins. They are talented photographers, CJ is a great designer, and together they are tons of fun. In addition to being great people, great friends, and photographers, they totally support our dream and call to Los Angeles. The Hudgin’s know that we are committed for a year to Waco and then it’s potentially back to LA and they want to make that possible professionally for us. 

As we work with Vember Photo, hoping to bring them added successful business, Josh Morgan Creative will be building momentum, and in the future Stone Mountain Creative will be released. 

/ In a future blog post I will share the vision behind Stone Mountain Creative / 

If you have any questions leave a comment below! 

- Josh and Ashley

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