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Your wedding day is going to be amazing! Let's help relieve some stress by filling out this form to guarantee we have all the information beforehand and don't have to ask you any questions during your big day. 

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Formal Portraits
Do you want a traditional, full-length group shot of the wedding party?
We recommend up to 5-10 combinations. Please include names and relationships in this list so that we can call your family members by their real names instead of “Hey you in purple shirt!”
Are there any divorced/separated parents or any other family situations that we should know about? In other words, are there people who we shouldn't force to take a photo together because it will be awkward... Please explain:
List up to 5-10 “must have” shots for the wedding (you can write additional ones in the NOTES below):
How much time do you plan to allot for portraits of just the two of you? We highly recommend setting aside at least 30 minutes and the ideal time is at sunset for lighting purposes. In most cases this happens during the reception and we step outside for portraits...
Will you be seeing each other before the ceremony? Do you plan on doing a first look, if so please describe.
Are you having a videographer cover your day, if so what are their names/company? This will help us communicate with them before the day just to ensure everything goes as smooth as possible.
Are there surprises you are planning for your guests at the ceremony/reception? Are there any other special elements of the day that we don't want to miss?
Overall, what are the expectations of your wedding day photography? What do you hope for from the photos of just the two of you?
Are there any parent expectations of the wedding photography that we should be aware of?
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